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3 Nepal Volunteer Trips to Transform Your Life

3 Nepal Volunteer Trips to Transform Your Life

An influencing volunteer will get a place in the heart of host community in the volunteer trip. But as a person we all are looking for happiness, contentment and peaceful life. A volunteering journey can create some pause in your day to day life.  And embark on a meaningful journey can be the insightful awakening experience to make you realize the qualities you were looking for which are already within you. Although in this blog I am going to write you about 7 Nepal volunteer trips to transform your life.  However through these trips you will discover your innate qualities like compassion and love  to cultivate wisdom. A meaningful travel is a journey of present.

All our life are processes of finding answers we are looking. An embarkation into a travel different than regular travel can help us overcome loneliness, fear, awkwardness, embarrassment etc. It helps in life to discover multiple meaning realizing we have separate dimensions of life too. As this is a journey into experience, you need to walk yourself on the path. Third Eye volunteer foundation has opened a gate for you to enter Nepal joining Nepal volunteer trips to transform your life.

Organic Agriculture Farming

Nepal has mostly traditional farming in practice although there are many youths trying to modernize the faring system and make most out of it by using modern farming technologies. By joining Nepal Organic agriculture farming volunteer program, you will work with local farmer families to help them make farming easy. The work with non-contaminated soil can be natural therapy for awakening experience. The lodging will be homestay and food will be local styled home cooked organic food. The ideal duration is 2 weeks to 4 weeks. The program cost is 400$ per month that includes all food, accommodation, airport pick up, drop and all assistance.

Teaching Volunteer in a Kindergarten

We all agree that the kids are most beautiful ornaments of the planet and nearer to god. Many spiritual masters have said that being enlightened is to live by Heart as free and open like children. Take some break from your hectic life if you think you need to have a break and do something that makes you happy. Then Teaching volunteer in Kindergarten can be recommended activity for you. In kindergarten you will play with kids and teach them through games, rhymes etc. The working hours is 2-4 hours each day (Sunday to Friday) and accommodation and living is in local host family. This program is ongoing all round the year and you can join for any duration that suits you. The program cost is 400$ per month that includes all food, accommodation, airport pick up, drop and all assistance.

Teaching Volunteer in a Buddhist Monastery

The monastery life is interesting for lay people. And getting engaged with monastery teaching activities gives you taste of monastic life. The teaching can be English, or math’s or basic computer skills or something you are good at like sports etc. Although there is option to learn Tibetan Buddhism through joining this program taking part in Morning and evening puja that goes in monastery. There is option to stay in homestay and volunteer in monastery or stay in monastery with monks in a room allocated for volunteers. Any one can join program from any day of the year that suits you and ideal length is 2 weeks to 12 weeks. The program cost will be 400$ per month but that includes all food, accommodation, airport pick up, drop and all assistance.

Please contact Third eye volunteer foundation Nepal for exciting Nepal trips. The trips are flexible and best designed to meet your needs. The programs are going all round the year. You can email us or whats app in our Phone number +9779841928192 . We will come back with best offer. Make your Nepal journey smooth and exciting with Third eye Foundation Nepal.