Wednesday - Jun 07, 2023

After Earthquake disaster construction volunteering in Nepal

nepal earthquake relief

After Earthquake disaster, many people are willing coming Nepal and help most needy people and there are many local organizations waiting such helps of earthquake relief rebuild programs but the need is good catalyst like agency that can do a genuine connection for reconstruction of Nepal. The primary relief efforts have completed and have taught us a lesson. There are some appreciations for real heroes and criticism to those who promised one and made a big fundraise but did something different.

The best program to join after earthquake disaster is construction volunteer program and following things should be kept in mind. In every society there are rich and poor people make sure that the construction you are doing is for most marginalized and poor people and it is nicer if they are elderly people, destitute people, single women etc. Some people can make their own house. It is nicer if you volunteer to social organizations like schools because your very presence will be source of inspiration.

In Nepal the monsoon starts from June and ends around last week of September and less construction works are done and winter months are regarded best for construction. In the monsoon season there will be some construction related to landslide protection etc. It is nice if you come Nepal for construction volunteering in a group because it is hard to provide construction volunteering program in Nepal for single person. Small group of people can help make small construction like toilets, water taps, green house etc.

When you are coming Nepal for such missions, remember to make big impact on society by small donations like a water filter worth $20 can benefit many students to drink safe water. The small contribution of school supplies can make much marginalized students of poor family continue their studies. Along with volunteering make sure that you see some beautiful Himalayas of Nepal, go trek to some areas of your choice. Nepal is still safe after earthquake.