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Nepal cultural shock

Holy cow in Nepal

Kathmandu road

 In Nepal here are some norms and practices which are very different from your home which arises in you the feeling of surprise, anxiety, uncertainty and disorientation which are described generally as cultural shock. It is caused due to the interaction with surroundings of Nepal which has cultural contrast. It is advised to be open minded, flexible, non judgmental to come over cultural shock. Here are some different cultural practices of Nepal

The luggage handling procedure at airport, the overall airport experience

Driving laws in the chaos of busy Kathmandu streets

Stray dogs and holy cows eating from garbage piles and sleeping on the middle of the busy road

Same sex people holding hands and walking on the street

Traffic rules, people crossing the roads

The street vendors buying and selling

Constant honking of bikes, cars, trucks without reason

Street children sleeping on the road

Holy Hindu man in Pashupati temple asking money after a picture poses

The monks and their jokes