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Food and drinks in Nepal

Dal bhat in Nepal

Food and drinks in Nepal are mostly traditional. Food and drinks are important part of the travel so know what food and drinks are available in Nepal. Nepal is a diverse cultural country which has ethnic variety. Different ethnic groups have their own items of food. The food in poor man’s kitchen and in rich person’s house differ. Most of the food items consumed in Nepal are organic and tasteful. In rural places sometimes people bring wild varieties of  food from jungle and make their living. Some tribes of Nepal like ‘Rautey’ people feed killing monkeys, the ‘Musahar’ feed on killing mice.In touristic hotels the the major dishes of the world like Indian, continental, Chinese, Mexican, Italian etc are available.

  • Dal, Bhat and Tarkari is famous Nepali food. Here dal means lentils, bhat means rice and tarkari means curry.  Along with these there may be meat and yogurt along with pickles. They say ‘’dal bhat power is 24 hour-Pizza power  4 hour in Nepal’’
  • Mo Mo actually a Chinese food but very popupar Newari food here in kathmandu Nepal. Mo Mo is dumpling of meat or vegetables and cheese served with pickle and sauce.
  • Noodle soup:  It is famous in remote areas and trekking routes of Nepal. Many Nepali eat it without cooking crunchy as snacks.
  • Nan roti: Roti is Nepali bread cooked round as bracelet in hot oil. Naan is also a kind of wheat bread cooked in clay pot oven. These breads taste good with curry.
  • Apple, Banana, Papaya, Mango, Litchi etc
  • Yogurt served as desert can be sweet or sour.
  • Drink bottled or boiled water or treated water.
  • Tea and  Coffee
  • Drinks, Local drinks, sodas