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Honorary Members

The Persona providing distinguished support either by donation, by promotion or by any means are honored by Third eye Foundation Nepal as Honorary Members.We are really proud of you for for deciding to be a burning candle to drive away darkness.May you be in Peace and and hope to get continuous support in coming days. Let’s work together to make our world a better place to live. Let’s drive away darkness.
May all be Peace, ego less and harmonious!
May misery go away and Peace prevail on earth!!
May generosity and self giving fill the heart of People!!!

                                                                 J Guevara Novels

J Guevara Novels (Key West, Florida)

Tanya & Jeremy Wells

Tanya & Jeremy Wells (Newport News, Virginia)


Diana Crippen

Diana Crippen (Midland, Michigan)

Ying Yin (Inger-Marie Wold Fabic)

Ying Yin (Inger-Marie Wold Fabic) (Oslo, Norway)

kelly Myers

Kelly Myers (Darwin, Northern TerritoryWestport, New Zealand)