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Airport arrival tips

Kathmandu airport

People can buy Nepal visa in their home country or buy Nepal entry visa at Tribhuwan international airport Kathmandu or at the border immigration posts. By economic reason or easiness it is advisable to obtain Nepal visa direct at your arrival here. For making airport exit out you need to feel out custom form and visa application form. Visa application form can be obtained in airplanes or on the tables when you walk inside the terminal building at airport. Do carry a pen which helps to fill the Nepal visa application form timely.

When you have two paper filled get in a visa queue. If many number of planes have landed in close interval in busy touristic month it may take time in the queue otherwise all process goes with in few minutes. You should carry visa money, passport sized photo and valid passport along with you. Before getting out from arrival terminal make sure that your passport is stamped.

Import List

On free of duty people visiting Nepal by air can bring cigarette (200), cigar (50), 1.5 liter bottle liquor, up to 15 film rolls beside the personal belongings. One can bring binocular, movie camera or video camera, laptop, computer and portable music system but these are only permitted on the condition that you should take them back with you while leaving.

Export List

From Nepal it is regarded illegal to export things which are over 100 years like holy images, paintings, cultural and religious manuscripts etc. to take antique from Nepal requires certificate issued by department of archeology National archive building Kathmandu.

Baggage claim/ Baggage missing

When you pass through visa line go straight down the escalator to claim baggage in Kathmandu airport there are two conveyor belts. Put your bag around the room off from the conveyor belts to create space for coming bags. Do not panic if you do not see your baggage instead make walk around to see if it is placed somewhere.  In the condition of your baggage missing do not panic. Sometimes due to short time span between connection flights, baggage do not get transferred. Expect the baggage will come in the next flight coming to Kathmandu. To report the authorities about your baggage missing carry your baggage claim ticket and meet the person sitting against the wall behind the desk. Do not forget to get phone number of them to  call them in need about bag status, next flight information etc.