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Nepali cooking course

cooking volunteer in nepal

Do you want to stay with nepali family in a nepali home in Kathmandu and learn different aspects of nepali life? Learn cooking nepali food, do yoga and meditation, learn nepali language, ask question on nepali way of life, hindu and Buddhist spiritual tradition, marriage systems, myths, status of women, education system etc with local experts and make your Nepal stay memorable. You are invited to join Nepal cooking class. You will be able to make nepali recipes, know about spices etc during this short program. You can join a day program for four to six hours or you can join a night stay program which is more recommended.

You will learn to make some famous nepali dishes like daal bhat (rice, curry, lentil, pickles, mutton curry or chicken), mo mo (dumplings), Tibetan bread, alu paratha, pakauda, sel roti (nepali donout) and taste them. The major nepali meal is daal bhat most of the people eat mostly allround the year.

Sangita and sapana will teach you nepali cooking. Sangita is 26 year old. She completed her master’s from university in Kathmandu in health science. She simply loves cooking. She is good at making major nepali foods like mushroom choila, vegetable momo, goat curry, palak paneer. Her hands are magical and when she cooks with attaention, the food becomes finger licking.

Sapana is bachelor in science. She is always smiling and welcoming. She entertains you with jokes and tales during your cooking class. Our kitchen is under hygienic condition. All the used ingredients are organic. No use of artificial chemicals. The real food cooked well tastes better and good for health. Please visit third eye volunteer home to learn nepali cooking class.

Learn to make great pickle items and puddings too. Learn in less time and have lifelong skill. Nepali food in the northern region are Tibetan dominated and in the south Indian dominated but nepali flavors, ingridients and cooking techniques are unique. When you are in Nepal Himalayas learn to make spcial nepali food and make your stay memorable.

nepali food

Price for nepali cooking class

1.            A day cooking course- $15 per person

2.            1 night stay cooking course- $25 per person

3.            1 night stay cooking course with Kathmandu city tour program $ 75 per person

4.            2 night stay with cooking course and city tour and yoga $100 per person.

Sample of Menu for Nepali cooking class

•             Daal (Lentil Soup)

•             Bhat (Cooked White Rice)

•             Tarkari (Spiced Vegetables)

•             Saag (Green Leafs)

•             Dahi (Yogurt) and Chiya – Mansala tea

•             Mo mo making  ( optional)

•             Paratha  bread making ( optional)

•             Chapati bread making ( optional)

•             Mushroom choila

•             Pickle (achar)

•             Sel roti (ghee cooked ring bread- optional)

•             Chicken curry or goat curry

If you want to join our programs, call us or write us. We are located 1km out of Thamel in a healthy location. The swoyambhunath stupa view is grandeur from the window. We accept single or two people each day for night stay program and upto six people for a day course. Our morning class starts from 8am to 11am and evening class from 4 pm to 7pm.

Please ask us more info if in need about the program. If you want to stay in the mountains with local families and learn cooking from them, you can join long stay program. The program cost includes transport, ingredients, spices, lunch or dinner, night stay in a cozy tourist standard room, breakfast, talks on spiritualism etc. More than that, you will have good friend from Nepal. You can join volunteer programs offered by third eye Nepal. We donate the money we make from cooking class for the education of girls.