Wednesday - Jun 07, 2023

Research Programs


Nepal can be an excellent place if you are planning to do research in a variety of interests. Many come for academic research such as masters and PhD degrees. The movie, ‘Caravan’, was made by a Westerner after his thorough Research of the ethnic people living in the Dolpo Culture in that region. Many come to research mystical topics such as witchcraft, and their methods of healing, spiritual seekers and their claim, spiritual awakening etc. Tantra and the tantric tradition is one another highly researched topics in Nepal.
Nepal is rich in Flora and Fauna. Due to its diversity, many unique plants and animals are found here. Medical, Science, and Geography students can also benefit from Nepal Research Programs. Human Rights Research is another good area. Photo journalists have also benefited from the natural, as well as the cultural diversity.
In rural Nepal there are age-old traditions and superstitions still in practice today. Rautey, a jungle tribe of about 200 members is on the verge of extinction. Deukee, Chaupadi, and Kamlari, systems still exist. Polyandry and polygamy are also practiced in certain communities. In District such as Mustang and Upper Dolpo there is a little-known tradition called Sky Burial, where the flesh of deceased relatives is given to the vultures.
Ask us about your interests and we will help you with travel arrangements, and to make your mission successful in contributing to the human race through the creation of knowledge. We are here to assist you until your mission is complete.

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