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Rituals of Nepal

ritual of nepal

Know amazing rituals of Nepal. Nepal has amazing rituals in practice like Kumari pratha, chaupadi pratha, Deukee pratha, bal bibaha, child marriage, polyandry marriage system, polygamy system. Nepal is one of the unique country in the world where different practices are still on existence. It is taken as a museum of different live practices strange to the outer world. Some practices are  surprising and strange. Know about different rituals carried here in Nepal by local people based on different belief systems. People of different tribe live here in Nepal. Nepali society is mixed society made by interaction of people from Indian origin and Tibetan origin since ages. Local People in Kathmandu are Newar people who have different rituals. It is sometimes said that the people of Kathmandu celebrate festivals all round the year. Here the rituals are based on folk lores, myths, spiritual practices and religion.

  • Kumari pratha

    A ritual called Kumari Pratha (Kumari = a pre-pubertal virgin girl) is widely accepted in Kathmandu. A kumari is taken to be a living goddess, who is worshipped with a belief that all desires will be fulfilled by worshipping her. Kumari, or Kumari Devi, is the tradition of worshipping young pre-pubescent girls as manifestations of

  • Polyandry Marriage System

     In North west part of Nepal like Humla, Dolpo for the adaptability of ecological setting of Himalayas people are practicing polyandry marriage system. Nepal’s northern border with Tibet is a high Himalayan region inhabitated by Tibeto Burman Mongoloid people. The Tibetan speaking peoples of that area are generally referred as bhoteia(Tibetian )people. Fraternal polyandry is

  • Badi Pratha

    Nepali society is based on caste hierarchy which ranges from Brahmans the higher cast to Dalits the lower. The Badi sub-caste is relatively high on the pecking order of 22 Dalit sub-castes, but over the years they have fallen in the esteem of Nepalis. The Badi traditionally provided music and entertainment for the Royal families

  • Deuki Pratha

    It is an ancient custom practiced in the far western regions of Nepal in which a young girl is offered to the local Hindu temple to gain religious merit. Girls become deukis either because their parents offer them in hopes of gaining protection and good favor from the Gods or because their parents sell them

  • Chaupadi Pratha

    Chaupadi pratha is a tradition practiced for centuries that banishes females during their menstruation period from the house. Despite a ban being imposed by the Supreme Court on the chaupadi tradition in 2004, it is a practice that is still heavily widespread in the mid and western regions of Nepal. Its history is said to