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Sports volunteering in Nepal

Nepal Sports volunteering

       Many Sports are famous in Nepal and sports volunteering is one of the  good Nepal volunteer program. Nepal takes part in different competitions in South Asian level, Asian level and also in some games in Olympics. Nepal is best in marshal arts games like Judo, karate, boxing etc. Nepal has some traditional games that are played with greater enthusiasm here. The sports like football, volleyball, swimming, cricket,  table tennis are getting popular here each day.  In the rural parts of Nepal people organize local yearly festivals and games like foot ball, volleyball, thelo (shot put), tug of war are the major attractions.

Are you seeking sports volunteering programs in Nepal? If you are good at any sports and would like to volunteer in Nepal as a sports coach or teacher you are most welcome. We make your volunteer position based on your level of expertise like in school, in local clubs or in national clubs. You can choose the game you would like to volunteer like swimming, athletics, shooting, badminton, table tennis, boxing, judo, Karate, chess etc. The football volunteer coach are in high demand in rural parts of Nepal.  The volunteer duration depends on your availability of time and the enrollment is always open.  Look at the fee structure page for price details.  We ensure you that you will have memorable and pleasant Nepal stay. Your contribution counts much and see you in Nepal.