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Vegetable Seedlings in Kathmandu

Vegetable seedlings in Kathmandu

Are you interested to grow Vegetables either in your small plot of land or inside a patch inside your compound? Or on your rooftop and wondering where you can get Vegetable seedlings in Kathmandu? We have a contact for you for agriculture in Kathmandu. I was wondering for  long where I can get healthy vegetable seedlings in Kathmandu to grow in my kitchen garden. But  once when i was walking for a search i found this nursery.  In this nursery they have variety of vegetable seedlings for agriculture in Kathmandu.

This nursery lies in Kathmandu Municipality ward no 15 near Ajima cinema hall in chamati town planning. But they have almost all vegetable seedlings (tarkari ko biruwa) like cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, lauka, iskus, ghiraula, chichindo, onion etc.

Make best use of your time playing with the soil and grow healthy vegetables to address the need of your family. Often it is very difficult to make vegetable seedlings prepared by your self. if you buy from nursery you can buy well grown seedlings and only the number you need them.

Contact Details

Name of the Nursery Owner: Chini Kaji Munikar

Phone Number: 9741043329

Location: 40 Meters towards nayabazar from Azima Cinema Hall.

For most kind of seasonal vegetable seedlings for small use like kausi kheti etc.