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Villa Holis in Salento South Italy

salento italy

Are you planning a trip to southern Italy? We have a great place recommendation to stay for you. And if you mention the owner that you knew about Villa Holis from this page then you will get attractive discount. So friends of Third eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal; if you are planning a trip to southern Italy then Villa Holis is best recommendation accommodation for you. Villa Holis is a place in Salento, South Italy, very close to the city of Lecce and the 2 seas (Adriatico and Jonio). Salento is famous because of the beaches, the art (baroc style), the food and a local dance (Taranta).

This was message from Damiano, a good friend of mine from Italy.

Dear Friends and Spiritual Seekers, as many of you already know I’ve started a new phase of my Life. My father passed away and left me a huge place in South Italy called Villa Holis, where I’m now creating a beautiful and restful sanctuary for holidays and a range of holistic events open to anyone as a participants, helpers and leaders. We’d like to share yoga, meditation, tantra, family constellation, dance, concerts, exhibitions, the arts, massages, culinary courses, self-development, naturopathy, crystals and alternative medicine with you and our international guests. Any holistic discipline is welcome. Villa Hollis is about 850 m2 with a one hectar organic garden and a variety of accommodation to suit everyone. We are opening in a few days, and if you are interested in joining me in experiencing the delights of this special place feel free to contact me for furthrer details.

Here is Facebook and Istagram link of the property.