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About Us

We are your friends, brothers,activists or say human friends in Nepal who would like to share human warmth together up to needy people to make world better place to live. We have dream of making world a better place to live and together we can make it.

We Third Eye foundation Nepal are here for making volunteer match for volunteer abroad in Nepal providing volunteer services like Teach in Nepal program, building school in Nepal, construction volunteering, Volunteer in Nepal Orphanage, Volunteers in Nepal monastery ,Volunteers in Nepal hospital and many more.

  • Honorary Members

    The Persona providing distinguished support either by donation, by promotion or by any means are honored by Third eye Foundation Nepal as Honorary Members.We are really proud of you for for deciding to be a burning candle to drive away darkness.May you be in Peace and and hope to get continuous support in coming days.

  • Our Partners

    We Third Eye Volunteer Nepal want to work by being a catalyst bridging the gulf between needy community and Donner. As our Local Partners are all over Nepal Like Amar Higher Secondary School Khudi Lamjung, Kamala Primary School Simpani Lamjung, Jateshore Lower Secondary School Bahundanda 09 Thulibeshi, women community Gaira gaun, Ram Krishna Bachanalaya Simpani 09,

  • Vision,Mission & Features

    Ideal Statement The world would be better place if we act. Vision Create Happy Community Happy community comprises with the condition of socio-economically prosperous and full of ownership through mutual co operation between world people. Mission Making partnership and coordination ever and everywhere in creating better humanity on the co-learning basis Goal To make positive

  • Volunteer in Nepal

    Third Eye volunteer Foundation Nepal is a social, non profit, charitable Organization with the aim of making world a better place to live . The major two goals of organization are help local community, organizations by working as a catalyst between Donor agencies, Charities etc and local targeted groups and on the other hand provide

  • Executive Board

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  • Welcome to Third Eye Nepal

    The Third Eye is a gate that leads with in to the inner realms and space of higher consciousness through the means of volunteering works. In this new era we should alternate the mystified and esoteric definition of Third Eye to symbolize the state of happiness that comes through serving humanity. The Third Eye is associated