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Training program

Third Eye Volunteer Nepal conducts volunteer training programs at Third eye volunteer Training Centre. Volunteer training focuses volunteer management program, manual volunteer training , church volunteer training etc. We have different programs like as language and culture familiarization program, Kathmandu city tour program, learning Nepali cooking program etc.

  • Nepali Customs & Etiquette

    Nepali Customs & Etiquette

    * Take off your shoes before entering a temple or one’s home. * Ask for permission before entering a Hindu temple. * Taking photographs inside the most temples are considered illegal. Ask permission before taking photographs of objects, and including Nepali people. * Nepali people are friendly by nature. Have a genuine interest in them.

  • Responsible Volunteering

    Responsible Volunteering

    RESPONSIBLE VOLUNTEERING We believe that volunteer programs should respect and benefit local people and the environment in the regions in which we operate. Whether it’s Buddhist Monastery or School, we aim to minimize our impact on the environment and maximize respectful interaction with the local people and culture. We ensure that the local community benefits

  • Volunteer Training Program

    Training At First Third Eye Volunteer Nepal runs the first phase of the program at Kathmandu. It covers language and cultural class, visits to important places in Kathmandu valley. We organize guided city tours of Kathmandu. The length of the training program depends on the duration of the volunteering period. If you are volunteering for less

  • Learn Basic Nepali Language

    Greetings / Civilities Hello, Goodbye namaste Thank you dhanyabaad How are you? Tapaain laaee kasto chha? What is your name? Tapaainko naam ke ho? My name is ‘Bijaya’. mero naam ‘Bijaya’ ho. I hope we meet again. Pheri bhetaunlaa. Please speak more slowly. Bistaarai bolnuhos. Do you speak English? Tapaain angrejee boln saknuhunchha? Yes, I

  • Learn to Sing Nepali Song

      Learn a Nepali song-Resham pheeree Ree Chorus: Resham pheeree Ree, Resham pheeree Ree Udeyra jaunkee dandaa ma bhanjyang Resham pheeree Ree (My heart is fluttering like silk in the wind I can not decide whether to fly or sit on the hill top) Ek naley bunduk,dui naley bunduk ,mriga lai takey ko Mriga lai

  • About Nepal

    Nepal lies in mid Himalaya which occupies 0.3% of the Asia and 0.03% area of the world. Its latitude is 26*22’NL-30*27’NL and longitude of 80*4’E-88*12’E. Average length of Nepal is 885 Km and breadth of 193 Km. It’s neighbors are China which is 65 times larger than it and India 22 times larger. Nepal is