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Nepal is one of the most beautiful, culturally rich and welcoming countries in the world. It is home to Mount Everest, the birthplace of Buddha, and an astonishingly beautiful and diverse landscape, ranging from the well-known peaks of the Himalaya to the low-lying regions of the Terai. The Nepali people are as diverse at the geography, with over 70 languages or dialects and scores of traditional festivals celebrated throughout the year.

Volunteering in Nepal can be an extremely rewarding and life-changing experience. Your efforts can bring great changes in the lives of individual people and the wider community. This cannot be said enough. In the difficult times that Nepal is now facing, your contribution of time or resources is extremely valuable.

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Our Major Services

Volunteer & Travel Combo Programs

Third Eye Volunteer offers volunteer and travel Combo program in Nepal with an unique opportunity to blend meaningful service with the adventure of travel.

Teaching Volunteer

Teaching volunteering in Nepal offers a unique chance to make a real difference in a variety of educational settings.

Construction Volunteering in Nepal

Nepal is second richest country in the water resources of the world.

Medical electives in Nepal

Are you a medical student looking to enrich your education with a medical elective abroad? Third Eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal offers comprehensive elective placements in top hospitals across Kathmandu.

Volunteer Services in Nepal

Volunteer Services in Nepal

Nepal Health Camp Volunteer

Health camp volunteering in Nepal through the Third Eye Volunteer Foundation provides a critical service to communities with limited access to medical facilities.

Research Programs

Nepal can be an excellent place if you are planning to do research in a variety of interests.

Construction volunteering in Nepal

Construction volunteering in Nepal through the Third Eye Volunteer Foundation offers a hands-on way to help build stronger communities in one of the most beautiful yet challenging landscapes in the world.

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