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Welcome to Third Eye Volunteering in Nepal

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Third Eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal (TEV- Nepal) invites you to experience the serenity and beauty of Nepal. Nourish your soul through volunteerism and expose yourself to thrillingly beautiful nature. While being a true altruist is not easy, human compassion and ambition is built on its foundation.

We organize volunteer programs to serve for the good and happiness of others. If you have decided to become a volunteer out of compassion, then we are here to provide you volunteer work in Nepal.

We have a variety of volunteer programs that allow you to choose the one that suits you most, such as: volunteering in an orphanage, Buddhist monastery, teaching English, providing elephant care, working with street children, programs for veterinary students, etc.

 Without you, we have no meaning. Let’s believe in the power of love – which does not demand, but gives. Let’s drive out misery from the world and make it a better place to live. Through peace we can discover true happiness. Let’s call love our religion and Earth our Temple.

Third Eye Volunteer Nepal ensures that you will make difference in the life of others. All volunteer options are priced economically and stays range in length from one week to five months. Third Eye volunteer Nepal looks forward to assisting you in your efforts to volunteer overseas. Feed your heart and recharge your spirits by bringing your skills and energy to help one of the many under serviced area in Nepal. Third Eye volunteer Nepal is grateful for your services and prices economically to make it accessible to all. For more information on volunteering abroad please contact us at info@volunteersummernepal.org or call us at +977-1-9841928192.

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