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  • Volunteer building project in Nepal

    Volunteer building project in Nepal

    This is our invitation to volunteers from all over the world to come Nepal and build houses or wells or toilets to improve the life of Nepalis community. Building volunteer is a good way to help Nepal as Nepal is still struggling to overcome the damage made by 2015 Nepal Earthquake. Get fulfilling unique experience

  • Volunteering in Nepal agricultural work

    Volunteering in Nepal agricultural work

      Agriculture volunteer Nepal is truly for Nepal experience. Volunteering in Nepal in agricultural works let’s you know how to become happy in midst of difficulties in life. It is a action whose focus is on action it’s self but not on the result. You will involve in the works according to seasons but you

  • Group volunteer program

    Group volunteer program

    Third eye volunteer Nepal offers group volunteer program in Nepal. Join volunteer program in Nepal offered by Third Eye Volunteer Foundation. We offer very creative bunch of Nepal volunteer programs for groups of high school students, university students, corporate groups, people from clubs, from institutions who like to travel in a group to Nepal and

  • Nepali Customs & Etiquette

    Nepali Customs & Etiquette

    * Take off your shoes before entering a temple or one’s home. * Ask for permission before entering a Hindu temple. * Taking photographs inside the most temples are considered illegal. Ask permission before taking photographs of objects, and including Nepali people. * Nepali people are friendly by nature. Have a genuine interest in them.

  • Cultural exchange volunteer

    Cultural exchange volunteer

    Home stay management and cultural exchange programs In Nepal the general concept of tourism is changing .Government is aiming developing the main culturally, naturally, historically important villages as village tourism centers. In those villages there is facility of home stay. They have full filled the basic tourist standard as coded by the government. In Nepal