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Hello retired & senior volunteers

.senior volunteer in Nepal

Retired and senior people can contribute being a volunteer in Nepal for Nepal. It adds happiness in their inner realm. The experience, knowledge of people over 60 is valuable resource for humanity. It is inspiring force. Join volunteer programs offered by third eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal and experience something valuable in your life.

Join our special volunteer program Nepal designed for senior people and retired people. We are not keeping any age limitation. You are most welcome if you are disabled. Everyone willing to help the world through volunteering service is welcome. We have different volunteer programs as there are different groups of volunteers and choose Nepal volunteer program that suits you much. Use your passion to help drive away darkness caused by ignorance, illiteracy . Make a mind a house of imagination and we are here to make it bring true. You can do volunteering program based on your interest like Teaching programs to school students where they will be much happy to listen your life experience and stories. You can join Nepal community empowerment programs, research programs. Be a friend to senior citizen hereĀ  in senior care homes or in community. Find the difference what it is meant to be a senior citizen here in Nepal and in your country.

Please tell us if you would like to make volunteer in Nepal on your own creative ideas. We are here to help you set up.