Wednesday - Jun 07, 2023

HIV Awareness Program

HIV AIDS awareness program
AIDS has become a global crisis challenging the humanity. Further, the crisis is projected to get worse turning into a catastrophe. This epidemic transcends geographical, gender, racial, ethnic as well as economic barriers, and thus, Nepal remains no exception. Health experts have projected that it will become a leading cause of death over the coming years. Surveys detected HIV infections among sexually transmitted infection patients and female sex workers throughout most regions in Nepal.
With the increased rate of migration, trafficking within and across the country, child labor and injecting drug users, the HIV/AIDS rate will only go up. Those who are at higher risk comprise migrants, child labors, the younger population in general, intravenous drug users, and unborn child of infected mothers. Unprotected sex, use of intravenous unsterilized injections, and mother to child infections have been the important risk factors. But the major mode of transmission remains sexual intercourse. In most cases, the HIV epidemic is driven by the behaviors such as unprotected sex, use of unsterile injectibles, and stigmatizing and condemning the infected puts individuals at higher risks. Therefore, raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and clarifying the misconception is an effective tool toward prevention. Moreover, it is also vital to break down the stigmas and misconceptions associated with HIV/AIDS so that effective treatment of HIV-positive persons can be carried out in a manner that ensures their basic human rights. Latest figures show that over 60,000 people have the HIV infected and there is increasing alarm that the disease is escalating. We organize awareness program in world aids day and distribute condoms in society. You can also participate in HIV awareness program. Volunteering in awareness program, it is necessary to raise the vow together ‘stop aids crisis and eradicate the curse of human being’.