Wednesday - Jun 07, 2023

Nepal time, transportation

Nepal transport

Mode of transportation available in Nepal

  1. Taxis: available in major cities of Nepal

  2. Tuk Tuk: The three wheeled vehicle available in Chitwan and Kathmandu

  3. Different kinds of Buses or Vans

  4. Bicycle Trolley called Rickshaw

  5. Motorcycle/ cycle

  6. Helicopters

  7. Airplanes

Nepal time information

  1. Nepal’s official time is +5.45 GMT

  2. Business hours from 10am to 5 pm Sunday to Friday

  3. Banks from Sunday to Thursday 1o am to 3.30pm

  4. Embassies, International Organizations from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5 pm.

  5. It is holiday in festival events.