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Polyandry Marriage System

polyandry family in Nepal

 In North west part of Nepal like Humla, Dolpo for the adaptability of ecological setting of Himalayas people are practicing polyandry marriage system. Nepal’s northern border with Tibet is a high Himalayan region inhabitated by Tibeto Burman Mongoloid people. The Tibetan speaking peoples of that area are generally referred as bhoteia(Tibetian )people.

Fraternal polyandry is rare form of marriage that is practiced in this part of world. Fraternal polyandry is taken as cause that helps them adapt well in the harsh ecological climatic condition as well as bind the family intact and hold the family properties together. Since the women becomes wife of all brothers so there is rare chance of widowhood. About 42 percent of the marriage of that region are observed polyandrous. There are certain reasons behind the polyandry tradition in this village. The farming land is precious little, and production is very much less compared to the efforts for cultivating. If all brothers marry different women that will lead to separation of the family. That, in turn, will results in the division of land. That means less food production. Polyandry is no more a fashionable thing especially outside that area. Residents of neighboring Nepali villages  laugh at the polyandry husbands. Sharing  wife is a shameful thing.” for others.

Generally sexual right of the wife are determined by age so the younger’s can have access only when the senior are absent. If all brothers are at home the younger’s ones have to make chance in day time on work field or some hiding places. Normally the brothers are involved in various works as herdsman, trader, field worker so there are rarer chances of being together .For harmony and family tranquility maintenance the role of wife will be crucial. l polyandry

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