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Cleanliness Program

phewa lake cleaning

Participate in Ponds, lakes rivers cleaning programs

Water is base of life. These days water bodies are being polluted. The famous lakes of Nepal like Phewa lake ,Rara lake, Begnas Lake, twenty thousand lake in chitwan as well as major ponds and rivers near by cities are getting polluted .This is bringing the disbalance in the eco system. We can give message by cleaning certain water body or part of lake, pond etc.

Volunteers if they are skilled can show how to make paper from the water-hyacinths and used paper that were the main polluters of the lake, to provide a sustainable, income-generating incentive to help keep the lake clean.
Through this project, we wanted to:
• clean up the lake/water bodies
• raise anti-littering awarenes

• create a long-term impact by introducing recycling methods

• demand immediate action for cleaning lakes.

• join community cleaning and sanitation action and awareness program.