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Responsible Volunteering

Become a responsible volunteer

We believe that volunteer programs should respect and benefit local people and the environment in the regions in which we operate. Whether it’s Buddhist Monastery or School, we aim to minimize our impact on the environment and maximize respectful interaction with the local people and culture. We ensure that the local community benefits financially from your volunteering experience with them. For  volunteers it’s about being culturally and environmentally sensitive in a way that gives them a deeper understanding of Nepali diversity. We want your time in Nepal to be enjoyable and pleasant not only for you but also for everyone whom you come in contact with.

Research: Read as much about the place as you can. Whether this is researching through the Internet, TV, Newspapers or Brochures.

Local Language: Try and learn as many words of the local language.  In this age every information is on your reach.

Be aware of the local customs and norms: Any culture has its ‘norms’ – and they may be very different to what you’re used to. As a visitor, it is respectful to observe things like appropriate dress and behavior. Good Research is a good starting point to learn about the cultural side of your destination. We will supply you with necessary information’s.

Minimize your impact on the local landscape: If you’re trekking, stick to the trails to avoid erosion and if you’re camping, please don’t leave any rubbish there and be sure your campsite leaves no permanent impact. (Our volunteer leaders will advise you!).

Buy Local: If you want to buy souvenirs we advise that you buy local. This helps the communities in the region and also leaves you with something much more genuine. If possible refrain from buying Animal products and Wooden Products.
Be a Local: Always Remember the slogan ‘Do in Rome as Romans Do’