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Senior Care Volunteering

Senior care volunteer in Nepal

Nepalese social values and ideals have been eroded with introduction of materialistic culture  which has shaken the foundation of Nepalese culture and joint family system. Consequently, senior citizens of today are bound to lead the life of seclusion, the deserted life and they are aloof because of the fact that neither their offspring nor the government takes any adequate responsibility to take care of them in their old age. Now, we are tied up with one senior people home in Lamjung District and many in Kathmandu , Pokhara and Devghat- Chitwan.

We are also giving priority to the senior people’s home for the placements of the volunteers. The senior people who were once the pillars and the stars of the nation should not be ignored. It is the universal truth that once one is born, s/he is to die. It is natural that one gets older as the time runs continuously and without the exhaustion. The family system has been drastically changed nowadays because of the influence of the westernization. It is need of the time and because of the high competition in each and every field, the son and the daughter who want to be with their parents and want to take care cannot do so. Therefore, it is an obligation that they have to keep their parents where their parents can be taken care as if they are the son and daughter. It is a great opportunity for the volunteers to share and care to those people and condenses their experience which ultimately provides them the satisfaction.

How do volunteers get involved?

The volunteers can visit the home that is not far away from the capital city, it is just 3-4 hours driving from Kathmandu. Then they see the condition, they are suggested to decide the things themselves. They can take care of the old people and even they can take hand to hand with them because they are the pillar of the nation once and have Rich Ocean of knowledge and experience. If they want, they can suggest the mismanaged home to manage it properly. For other programs they can remain in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan and provide service in the nearby care homes.

We are now placing the volunteers both in and out of Kathmandu valley.

We have Home Stay Senior Care Volunteer Program too. In this program you stay in senior people home in their own home. You talk with them, play with them, listen their stories, teach them the hygienic rules. You can be their son and daughter and get their blessings. This will be the learning opportunity about Nepal, it’s values of societal life, the property management system and many more being a local.