Buddhist Monastery Teaching Volunteering in Nepal

Nepal is a home of Buddha. The Buddhism in Tibet was spread from Nepal to Tibet and then to outer world. Buddhism and hinduism are major religions of Nepal. Buddhism in actuality is not a religion but a philosophy for happy life. The Thera Buddhism is more meditation based but the mahayana buddhism of tibet is ritual based.

Buddhism practised by local newars of Kathmandu and that practised by Tibetan origin monks is different. The sakyapa, nigma pa, gelugpa and Kagupa are major four branches of Tibetan Buddhism. The drukpa’s have their rich and luxurious monasteries here in kathmandu and in different parts of the country. In Tibetan Buddhism still the second son and second daughter should become monk and nun and should go to live according to the monastic life since their childhod. This is making Tibetan buddhism more systematic with huge number of monks. Some of these monks and nun’s get married but most of them become celibate and perform rituals in the monastery during their life.

Monks do make rituals, practise meta, crack jokes, play games, eat mostly spicy food and more live a simple life. People love to become like monk for short time in their life, learn meditation and rituals from them, eat with them. Are you interested volunteering in buddhist monastery in Nepal and learn buddhism. This is the two way traffic where you can teach monks and learn with them at the same time. You can help in the kitchen or help in dinning room or help in the garden. Spend your some days of life in monastery to experience peace, to intense your compassion and love. Come to  understand the law of impermanence with robe wearing people.

Fee For Monastery teaching volunteer program

            Duration            US $         Euro £
          Two weeks                 399            280
          Four weeks                 500            399
          six weeks                 700            499
          Eight weeks                 800            599
          Ten weeks                 900            699
          Twelve weeks                 1000            799
          Additional Week                 50             40

The price includes

1. Airport airval and departure

2. Four night stay in kathmandu in our volunteer home

3. Guided Kathmandu city tour program

4. All the food and accomodation during your Nepal stay

5. stay in monastery during volunteering project

6. classes on nepali language, culture, orientation, cooking etc

7. Souvenior

8. Certificate

9. Nepali sim card

10. All the support in need

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