Medical Electives in Nepal

Are you a medical student looking to enrich your education with a medical elective abroad? Third Eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal offers comprehensive elective placements in top hospitals across Kathmandu. Experience professional medical practice in well-regarded facilities under the guidance of senior doctors, providing you with a quality educational opportunity at a reasonable price.

Why Choose Nepal for Medical Elective Program

Choosing Nepal for your medical elective not only enhances your professional skills but also immerses you in a unique cultural environment. Nepal offers a fascinating array of medical cases that provide in-depth learning experiences. Beyond the hospital, you'll meet some of the most hospitable people, explore incredible cultural sites, and participate in organizing medical health camps. Opt for the Third Eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal for an unforgettable and enriching medical elective experience.

How to Join for Medial Electives Placement in Nepal?

To join our Nepal medical elective program, simply reach out to Third Eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal. We assist you from the moment your position is confirmed, including airport pickup, a tour of Kathmandu, orientation, and placement, until your safe departure. Your accommodations will be arranged at the Be Here Now Guest House, and your placement will be in a reputable Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu.

Duration of Medical Electives Program

Our medical elective programs are flexible in duration to fit your academic schedule and personal commitments. Whether you're looking for a short-term exposure or a longer immersive experience, we can tailor the program to meet your needs.

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