Sponsor A Orphan Child

Our sponsorship program is designed to assure sustainability for the children in Nepal and to promote a special long-term bond between the sponsor and the child. We ask our sponsors to consider supporting their child up to the age of 18. We understand times can be uncertain financially, and sometimes keeping your commitments can be difficult so you may prefer to make a contribution to our general operating fund or help in other ways. Help an Orphan street child or community child of Nepal by buying food, donating cloth. Love orphan, help to educate orphan, help in orphan school admission program, donate stationary for orphan etc

Monthly Expenses for each child

 SN. Item Cost
1. Fooding $19
2. Stationary $2
3. Lodging $7
4. Washing/Cleaning $2
5. Miscellaneous $3




Yearly Expenses for each child

 SN. Item Cost
1. School re-admission and Books $25
2. School Uniform & Bag $19



Request For Service

Other Services

Sponsor a Community Child

Why help in Child Education? According to Wikipedia, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world with the highest poverty rate.

Support Education For Girls

Support education for girls in Nepal like Teaching English to girls in Nepal, Teaching nuns in a monastery.

Support For Community Health Program

Volunteers are requested to support community health program.

Support Street Children Program

Numbers of street children are increasing in urban areas around Nepal and especially in Kathmandu.

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