Teaching volunteering in Nepal

Teaching volunteering in Nepal offers a unique chance to make a real difference in a variety of educational settings. The Third Eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal welcomes volunteers to work in schools, monasteries, and rural villages. Here, they can share knowledge and skills essential for empowering the local people. The program isn't just about teaching regular subjects; it also introduces technology and innovative teaching methods. This boosts the overall learning experience and opens new opportunities for both students and teachers.

By joining the Third Eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal as a teaching volunteer, you get to dive deep into the rich Nepalese culture while helping underserved communities. The program meets various educational needs, from basic literacy to advanced computer skills, making sure volunteers make a meaningful impact in their specialty area. This experience is more than teaching; it’s about exchanging cultural insights, forming lasting connections, and growing alongside the communities you help. Volunteers leave with lasting memories and the joy of knowing they’ve significantly uplifted the communities they've worked with.

Beyond the educational benefits, volunteering in Nepal with the Third Eye Volunteer Foundation provides an adventure of a lifetime. The stunning landscapes of Nepal—from the towering Himalayas to lush green valleys—serve as your backdrop while you engage with the local communities. This immersive environment fosters a deeper understanding of Nepalese life and traditions, enhancing your personal growth and global awareness. Volunteers often find that they gain as much as they give, returning home with a renewed perspective and a deeper appreciation for different ways of life. This unique blend of teaching, learning, and exploring is what makes teaching volunteering in Nepal an unforgettable experience.

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Book Donation Program

Books donation programs to local libraries and schools in Nepal

Most public libraries and school in Nepal accept gift books.

Buddhist Monastery Teaching Volunteering in Nepal

Nepal is a home of Buddha.

Computer Teaching Volunteer in Nepal

Computer Training/Aid program:

In Nepal, computer literacy is a skill which is valued almost as highly as standard literacy! It is therefore a huge advantage to learn the basics of computer use and this is something which our volunteers of Computer Education Program ( CEP ) can help with.

Drug Awareness Volunteer Program

Hold a drugs awareness camp

We believe that in order to ensure a bright future for our country and whole humanity, it is essential that our children be raised in a drug-free environment.

HIV AIDS Awareness Program

HIV AIDS awareness program

AIDS has become a global crisis challenging the humanity.

Sports Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

Nepal, a country known for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, is also a place where the spirit of sports thrives.

Teaching English Volunteer 4 week program

Teach English Program Nepal

This teaching English volunteer program enables you to explore Nepal as a local.

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