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Volunteer in a rehabilitation center

Nepal rehabilitation volunteer

Volunteer in a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities In Nepal
Help people with disabilities, neuromuscular and terminal diseases to carry out with their healing and rehabilitation process with self-respect, while having fun with them. Have a direct influence in their healing process; improve their quality of life by contributing not only to their emotional stability but to the family’s too. You can help in so many ways! From sharing time with the patients at the hospital to administrative tasks, everything counts. This center needs all kinds of help and we are sure that you’re up to the challenge! Get involved and help needy!

About the Project
As a volunteer you’ll take care of the affected people by promoting their wellbeing, working to minimize the effects of the diseases by facilitating the development of everyday activities, making up for the dysfunctions the disease causes and accompanying them in their routine such as in shopping, helping them with physical activity, and so on. The purpose of this volunteer project is to work together to improve the quality of life of the people affected by these diseases providing them a greater autonomy and promoting their integration.
There are many areas in which you can get involved. Some of them are emotional support, social work, educational assistance, leisure and culture activities in hospitals, information and awareness, home visits, administration and event planning. There is an endless list of things that you can do. The organization, the patients and the families will be grateful for ever. You can chose one or more areas in which you feel comfortable and where you think you can be of greater help.
To give you a more specific idea of what you’ll be doing you’ll be providing support to the staff planning, carrying out and watching over the daily activities trying to maintain or increase the independency of the people that suffer under these conditions. You can also plan weekend activities and trips with groups or prepare games for the children at the waiting room in hospitals. Anything you can suggest will be very welcome, too. If you have acting skills you can be part of our team of clowns that entertain children that are going through a tough time or prepare workshops for people with mental disabilities. You need to be able to face critical and highly emotional situations with the patients, be able to play and to create a cheerful environment. To have studies or experience in the field of medicine or psychology would be an advantage for this project but it is not a requirement.
You can also help preparing events to gather funds and spreading the word about how much help people that suffer these terrible conditions need. All you need to do is show up and be open to help with anything you can. The staff will be happy to have you as well as other international volunteers. Have a great time and experience a new reality while doing your personal contribution to human kind wellbeing!
Your role as a Volunteer
On this volunteer project you’ll have to work on your empathy. You need to walk on these people’s shoes and try to think what would need or like if you were them. You need to listen and to spend time with them to be able to fulfill their needs. The staff is very savvy and open to help you in everything you may need. But it is important for you to be perceptive and proactive.
• Over 18 years old
• High school degree
• Health insurance, accident and liability
• Commitment to the Host Organization,its rules and tasks
• Have skills to work with people with disabilities
• To be creative and have an affinitty with disabled people
• To be motivated, patient, resourceful and willing to join in a wide range of activities
• To be a committed and responsible person willing to help
• To have skills to organize recreation events
• Enthusiastic spirit and lots of energy
• Students or health professionals are welcomed to help
• Fulfill with all legal and formal requirements for your Volunteer*
Daily Routine
Usually volunteers work from 4 to 6 hours per day, from Sunday to Friday. You can be asked to work some weekends if needed. You can start your day early in the morning or work in the afternoon shift. Give a useful hand every time is necessary, it will be really appreciated! And be flexible enough as you won’t have every minute of your work day planned and resources are scarce.