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Work In Orphanage

orphanage children

Nepal orphanage volunteer program is one of the best chosen Nepal volunteer work program. If you are seeking abroad volunteer program to add salt in your life, Nepal children home volunteer program can be one best volunteering program for you in Nepal. Nepal orphanage volunteer program gives you a chance to directly work with homeless underprivileged innocent children who have good smile to give you for life time memory. Working in orphanage children home is life transforming work. Be a mother like or a good friend with a child living in a orphan and feel what it is mean human warmth.

Nepal is one of the poor countries in the world. The political instability in Nepal has created many problems. The people’s war of Nepal from 1990 to 2002 affected thousands of people. Many children were killed in war, made rebel comrades, many displaced, made orphan. After the end of people war people were optimist about solving of problems in the country.   But unfortunately country is not taking sustainable path and path of prosperity. The increase of day to day products price is making life harder.

In Nepal here are many orphan homes. Some orphans home are working well according to their mission but some have done opposite. We expect your own presence to serve these children rather than asking only donation. There are orphan homes in major cities of Nepal like orphan home in Kathmandu, orphan home in Pokhara, orphan home in chitwan etc and Governmental balmandirs all over the country. It is estimated that about 20,000 children live in street in Nepal. They do all their life activity in streets. The street children earn very small money out of things collected from garbage pile. Sometimes these children are used by political parties for political demonstrations. Besides them in Nepal there are many homeless families who stay in streets and their children live with them under extreme poverty. The orphanage center in Nepal keeps the homeless children in such shelters managing food and education. Most of orphanage homes in Nepal rely on charitable donation. Some organizations keep the children of parents who are in prison and who don’t have someone to look after.

How to help orphans

Volunteers are expected to help orphan by volunteering in such orphanage homes children center. Volunteers can help teaching them English, do homework, make neat and tidy, help clean clothes etc. Besides these the orphan homes expect sponsor an expense of a child, make fund raiser when you return back your country etc if you are interested in it. If you want to discover your happiness within, join our Nepal orphanage volunteer program.