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Your Home in Nepal

 volunteer in Nepal

volunteer in Nepal home

 Stay in Nepal Eco home as a home stay volunteer with Nepali host family and experience village life in Nepal. Home is a place where there is Love, respect, mutuality, peace and meditative atmosphere. Life is to live and it is a journey from known to unknown. You can discover many aspects of Nepali society and cultural system while your stay here.We can understand the world by traveling. If you are planning a travel to Nepal stop planning and start traveling because your home is waiting you here. From the forest of concrete take a vacation and decide to stay in a naturally beauteous village of Nepal .You will feel real difference in your life. Explore Nepal being like a local. This experience will be your life enriching and amazing. Here you may not get comforts that you get in your home but you will learn unique value system of life that goes in Nepali society and culture. Volunteer in Nepal mountain and stay in volunteer home with your host mother Laxmi. Here you will understand life can go with minimalistic way of communication.

Where is it?

Our Green Farm House  lies at the starting point of Annapurna circuit in the bank of Marshyangdi River. It is suited in 6 hours drive distance from Kathmandu and 4 hours drive distance from Pokhara. It lies in altitude of 850m in the mountain where weather is pleasant all round the year. The beautiful sal forest  lies on the west, Marshyangdi river flows in the east where as Annapurna and Ganesh Mountain range lies in the north. The panoramic mountain views from  balcony is incredible.

What is there?

You will find typical rural taste of life here. You will provided a clean private room. The house has basic amenities as clean toilet, bathroom, running tap,  fruits and vegetable garden surrounding the house, animal farm house and many more.

How Long to stay?

You can decide to stay as according your time. From a week to a month is recommended.


Read a mail from Junn Kidd (who stayed here)to Laxmi (host mother)

Dear Laxmi,

My heartfelt thanks always to you for making me so wel come in your home. I felt very happy while I was with you.

Every day I was in your home there was laughter, I told my friends here that I laughed every day. You are a very

kind warm hearted woman and it was a pleasure to meet and know you.

I hope to see you again some day. I also hope to see the tiger! (I’m smiling)

Your Scottish Mother and friend

June Kidd