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Daniela Suceava

Daniela Suceava
I embarked upon an adventure through Nepal in October 2011, and was mesmerized by the beauty I found in this country's places and people. Our trip was designed and coordinated by Third Eye Volunteer Nepal & Good Karma Trekking of Kathmandu and I am thankful to Raj and Bijaya for giving me the opportunity to experience their culture so genuinely. Among the many surprises they had in store for us, there was also the chance to visit and volunteer in an orphanage in Pokhara. Seeing as how I am also involved in a charity here in Romania (we provide medical treatment, shelter and adoption for stray dogs), I was more than happy to visit the orphanage. I arrived there to find a small, well-kept and clean building and was shown around the premises and given thorough explanations about the project and it's impact on the children's lives. It was heartwarming to see that no matter the culture, people who want to make a difference will struggle and fight to see their dream come true, and regardless how small the initiative may be it will generate a ripple effect upon society that may prove to stretch far beyond imagination. So thank you, my friends, for making the world a better place! Daniela Suceava, Romania Read More


I am Cassia From Poland and was in Nepal in 2010 Sep/Oct for volunteering and trekking package and I had choose Third Eye volunteer Nepal and I confidently say that my choice was right. I had decided to work for women empowerment and was placed in one of the village and it was time of Dashain the great festival of Dashain so mine experience was wonderful. I was cared and respected. The peoples were so friendly and in the mid of celebration I felt like a same village's girl. I Volunteered for two weeks. I simply recommend Third eye Volunteers for those who are seeking best realiable charitable organization. After volunteers I did Annapurna Circuit Trek. Wish may I be luckier enough to go back in that wonderful world once again. Cassia-Poland Read More

Bartosz Warmuz

Bartosz Warmuz
I Travelled Nepal for one month volunteering program and I chose Third Eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal and now I can say that I made absolutely good selection. I made small contribution to Nepal but I am feeling that I learned many things from Nepal. I was received in Airport; I got opportunity to see touristic places of Kathmandu, stayed with local Nepali family as a local and many more. I was sent to typical village in Annapurna region. I was teaching English in a school to grade one to grade eight kids. I lived with my host family who were very nice. They were caring me like their own son. I learned value of family seeing typical families living in rural Nepal. I was provided basic tourist standard facilities. The food provided was very fresh, hygienic and organic. The buffalo milk was so delicious. The tree ripe banana was so tasty. The local people were so friendly. All this was managed in $300 dollar. I bet nobody can offer all these activities in the budget price. They say that their volunteer programs are free and they charge only minimum cost for food, transportation, accommodation etc and I felt so. They do exactly what they say- so I can confidentially say that if you are planning to volunteer in Nepal, Go with Third Eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal. They are simply the best.

Welcome to Volunteering in Nepal

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Third Eye Volunteer Foundation Nepal (TEV- Nepal) invites you to experience the serenity and beauty of Nepal. Nourish your soul through volunteerism and expose yourself to thrillingly beautiful nature. While being a true altruist is not easy, human compassion and ambition is built on its foundation.

We organize volunteer programs to serve for the good and happiness of others. If you have decided to become a volunteer out of compassion, then we are here to provide you volunteer work in Nepal.

We have a variety of volunteer programs that allow you to choose the one that suits you most, such as: volunteering in an orphanage, Buddhist monastery, teaching English, providing elephant care, working with street children, programs for veterinary students, etc.

 Without you, we have no meaning. Let’s believe in the power of love – which does not demand, but gives. Let’s drive out misery from the world and make it a better place to live. Through peace we can discover true happiness. Let’s call love our religion and Earth our Temple.

Third Eye Volunteer Nepal ensures that you will make difference in the life of others. All volunteer options are priced economically and stays range in length from one week to five months. Third Eye volunteer Nepal looks forward to assisting you in your efforts to volunteer overseas. Feed your heart and recharge your spirits by bringing your skills and energy to help one of the many under serviced area in Nepal. Third Eye volunteer Nepal is grateful for your services and prices economically to make it accessible to all. For more information on volunteering abroad please contact us at or call us at +977-1-9841928192.

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