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Volunteer in Kathmandu


Little Gods

You have a lot of choices if you decide to volunteer work in Kathmandu valley and it’s out skirt Areas. All the major volunteering programs are possible in Kathmandu Valley. Be a volunteer and explore Kathmandu.

The Following are the most programs volunteers choose to do staying in Kathmandu.

* Hold a drugs awareness camp

*Work in an Orphanage

* Traffic management help project

*Build a play ground / school rooms/toilets etc

* provide Computer training

*Hold an aids awareness program

*Work with seniors at Old care homes

*Serve meals at homeless shelter

*Hold a medical camp(dental/eye/women health etc)

*Organize a blood donation program/donate blood

*Work in Health post/health awareness programs

*Participate in Ponds, lakes rivers cleaning programs

* Afforestation programs

*Recycle able paper, Aluminium, cell phones, battaries, rubbers, plastics collection program

*Books donation programs to local libraries and schools

* English Teaching programs

*Home stay management and cultural exchange programs

*Veterinary care programs

*Income generating development programs

*Administrative support programs

*Working in agricultural field program

*Environmental awareness program