Sunday - Jun 04, 2023

Yoga & Meditation

Sadhus in Hindu Temple of Nepal

Since ancient times Nepal has been the center for Spiritual activities. Nepal is the land of great sages, the seekers of truths, and the devotees. According to nature of people there are various methods of suitable spiritual paths. People here practice number of methods that suits them most. The society is diverse. Some people still chant the hymns of Vedas, the chant of Om, the mantra of shambala, the recitation from tripitikas and different suttas. The four duties of life i.e. righteousness (dharma), economic prosperity (artha), sexual production (kama) and Liberation (moksha) are defined. The three activities like dharma, artha and kaama should be supportive for liberation. The focus of overall activities in life is given on Liberation. Classically it is defined that one should finish study with in age of 25, another 25 for marriage and reproduction, the earning and economic progress etc, and then the age from 50 to 75 should be devoted for practice of un-attachment and from 75 onwards for merging with the truth without fear.

Nepal is an ideal place for learning activities yoga and meditation, tantra, hypnotism, shaman practice, ayurveda medicine etc. These practices according to tradition have to be handover from one generation from another from teacher to a chosen student to maintain its purity. The hatha yoga as taught by Tantric Guru of Hatha Yoga Baba Gorakhnath is coming down from generation to generation in its pure form in the same tradition of teacher to student. In present Nepal the Vipassana meditation as taught by Gautama Buddha, the Osho Spiritual practices as taught by Swami Rajneesh Osho, The art of living as taught by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The manokranti movemet as taught by Swami Dr Bikashananda are popular in this time but besides these number of other practices as taught by other teachers are found going on. Nepal is land of monks and sadhus who practice true Bramacharya (free from sexual misconduct), renounce the material world, make begging for living for the attainment of highest goal of life called liberation. Surfacially their life seems crazy but the enjoy we take in life they say trivial and animalistic.

Mystical practice and belief is another fa├žade of Nepal. People here believe in polytheism (the existence of about 33 million gods and goddesses), and besides that the existence of demigods, local gods and spirits is common belief in general. Here some people are claimed to establish communication with the dead one’s spirit. Majority of population in rural Nepal still believe and practice spiritual Healing methods such as hypnotic, tantric, shamanic practices. People look at horoscope for match making for marriage. The astrological position of planets is taken in consideration for starting of new projects, embarking on journeys, the organization of functions etc. The religious/spiritual practice such as Yajna is performed in order to be protected from evil effects caused by planets of odd position. People here consult fortunetellers, horoscope readers mystics for planning future programs. The local herbs available are consumed to be strong and come cured from illness.

The mountains, the Himalayas, the rivers, the forest are regarded very sacred and spiritual in Nepali society. The five elements the earth, air, water, sky and fire are regarded divine qualities. The discovery of self is prime priority. People in some houses read the holy books each morning for hours. The different community of Nepal here practice spiritualism in different ways based on their tradition. The life events like birth, marriage and death are given much importance. Come Nepal to explore difference. Be a Yoga and meditation volunteering or learn yoga and meditation techniques from Nepal. We are here to help you experience Nepal as a local. Welcome Nepal for spiritual pursuits and happiness.